"Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)"

- Walt Whitman


This phrase was written by the poet Walt Whitman which describes the Gemini.

Such as it is, I was born under the stars of the Gemini. And this is one of the main reason this site is called the House of Contradiction. It is a dream of mine, to be able to build this "house" where I can freely explore my passion in photography and arts and beauty.


Samurai Song


When I had no roof, I made

Audacity my roof. When I had

No supper, my eyes dined.


When I had no eyes I listened

When I had no ears I thought

When I had no thought I waited.


When I had no father I made

Care my father. When I had

No mother I embraced order.


When I had no friend I made

Quiet my friend. When I had no

Enemy I opposed my body.


When I had no temple I made

My voice my temple. When I have

No priest, my tongue is my choir.


When I have no means fortune

Is my means. When I had

Nothing, death will be my fortune.


Need is my tactic, detachment

Is my strategy. When I had

No lover I courted my sleep.


-         Robert Pinsky  



My name is Arthurus Jackson.

I am also Jackson Tan.

Borne in Malaysia on the 10th day of the 6th month.

I was borne under the constellation of the Gemini, and such named my site and dream the House of Contradiction.

I stand at 167cm tall, my weight till this day I do not know.

I love photography and arts. I used to draw, but it is now a thing of the past. My other passion is writing and reading. For me, writing is a way to release all the imaginations within my mind, all the ideas and inspirations. It is also a way I express myself.

Some may find it useless; but to me, it keeps me alive and going.

And I live in my writings.

Music is another. Not just listening, but playing it. But alas, I have no talent in it. Maybe I have yet to find the instruments of my desire that sounds right to my soul.

And dancing. I love the freedom of movement, to move in any way I want.

I like many things in this world, and hate many others too.

I love the colour blue, and to some extent red, black and white. But my love for the colour blue has been fortified by an event in my life. Blu. . .



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