These are wallpaper created by me. So far, I've only a few samples but I feel that alone is enough to show examples of the wallpaper that can be created of you.

If you are interested to create one, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or any means available to you.

These samples are for your viewing.

Please note that these are just samples and some are quite old. As with all things, quality improves with age and experience and so too does the wallpaper. If you are interested to make a wallpaper for yourself, it's quality will be monitored.

All wallpaper sizes are in 600 X 800 pixels.

For the KLIMS 2003 wallpaper, please click here.



jade001.JPG (137248 bytes)     jade002.JPG (81994 bytes)     jade003.JPG (66061 bytes)     jade004.JPG (145307 bytes)

These are some of my earliest wallpaper creation


soham004.JPG (147837 bytes)     soham005.JPG (153130 bytes)     sohamfaces04.JPG (192152 bytes)     wall005.JPG (163911 bytes)

These too are quite basic and were done some time ago


soham008.JPG (204666 bytes)     soham010.jpg (158805 bytes)


zhilei008d.JPG (179994 bytes)

A newer creation


wed002.JPG (197302 bytes)     wed004.JPG (190846 bytes)     wed008.JPG (180012 bytes)

Simple and Nice... nothing too fancy